Proxy Scanning in Progress...

  • This server is scanning the IPv4 space looking for servers that are running open proxy servers.
  • All pings from this server are benign and non-malicious.
  • There is no attempt being made to "hack" your server.
  • We are happy to honor opt-out requests from future scans. Simply fill in the form below and submit your IP or CIDR subnet to be added to the blacklist.
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We are using ZMAP to ping part of the IPv4 address space. ZMap is an open-source network scanner that enables researchers to easily perform Internet-wide network studies.


The IP information collected by this server will not be sold or distributed. Opt-Out data will only be used to prevent any future scans for the IP's provided and will not be distributed or sold.

Looing for proxies?

All data collected by this website is private, If you are looking for proxies please check free public proxies online.